Lauren – Baltimore, MD

Not necessarily the most profound act of faith but one that is extremely meaningful for me is attending mass weekly with my family. It’s so important to me, especially as a mother, to share my beliefs with and instill my values in my children. I love that the very fact of our being in church on a weekly basis causes my toddler to ask a lot of questions about church, the mass and all of the religious things she sees around her. It invokes a curiosity about our faith that I think will serve her well as she grows up. She’s even wanted to draw a church with Jesus and Mary inside; something that inspired me so much and demonstrated to me just how much she absorbs.

The added bonus of weekly mass being “family time” where we’re all together is fun for us all. My husband and I being accessible and ready to answer questions, sing church songs with the whole congregation, give the sign of peace, etc are all things that make church interesting and a fun, unique occasion for toddlers.


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