Lauren – Frederick, MD

Something that I’ve been trying to do lately is really listen and apply the readings and homily each week to my life. Sounds simple and like something I should already be doing, but I noticed that I pay pretty close attention at church, appreciate the readings and what the priest says after, but almost immediately forget everything when I walk out the church doors. I challenged myself to not only retain that info, but to apply it to my life.

I was in church a couple of months ago and the priest, during his homily, instructed us to look at the person to our right. Then he asked us to look at the person to our left. He said, ‘In that person to your right, see Jesus. That person to your left, that’s Jesus.’ Everyone chuckled a little bit but it’s true; Jesus was just like one of us, is in every one of us and loves each of us. I was thinking about it the next day on my Monday morning drive to work. I have a long drive to my office and while I consider myself a patient person, it wears a little thin some days. This was one of those days when I was gripping the steering wheel extra tight and cursing other drivers under my breath. As I looked at the driver to my right I thought of what I had been told the previous day – and I saw Jesus. My anger and frustration evaporated. I still get little flashes of irritation when I see someone darting in and out of traffic or if someone cuts me off, but I just think back to that once again, that Jesus is in that person, and how could I possibly be mad?


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